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Why Check Your Credit Card Processing Rates & Fees?

The Merchant Solutions Agency works just like an insurance agency but for your merchant service needs.  Our independent advisors/agents work for you, not the merchant service companies. We have relationships with the most reputable and prominent companies in the merchant service industry and those relationships translate into great offers and direct savings for our customers.

We’ll work closely with you to understand your needs and provide the right solution for your company, tailored specifically for you, all at the right price. Our only goal is to satisfy our clients by providing the right product or service that offers the best customer service, at the lowest available price.

You’ve worked hard. Let us shop your merchant services for you and keep more of your money in your pocket. 

95% of Cost Comparisons show that YES, merchants ARE paying too
much for their credit card processing and they don't even know it

Why Are Merchants Paying Too Much?
Many times merchants buy into "teaser rates" that only affect a very small percentage of the credit cards they accept. Other reasons include down-grades of credit cards; merchant accounts not being set-up properly; monthly, annual, hidden fees, industry changes and more.

Read Your Monthly Processing Statement..
If you can't make sense of your processing statement, you are not alone. Most statements are setup to confuse merchants so they won't know what they are really paying. We can read them though and we can tell you just what you are paying and how much you could save.

Let us help you review your rates and put YOUR money back in your pocket!

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